Welcome to Berrydale Alpacas located in Washington state just south of Seattle in Kent. My name is Bob Reagan and my wife is Barb we will be your host while you visit our site. Barb and I have been raising alpacas since the Spring of 2004. We would love to share what we have learned with anyone who is getting started, both the good and the not so good. If you are a seasoned alpaca pro and just want to see our alpacas you can click Alpacas. If you are new to the business and interested in helpful information then click any of the buttons above that you might find of interest. If you are just thinking about starting an Alpaca farm then click Business this will let you know what we have gone through establishing our business. After that you might click on our Farm button to look at the trials and tribulations of putting together a working farm by a couple of city folks. Other wise feel free to visit our site as much as you want and do come back we enjoy having company. If you are interested in visiting our farm you can contact us at the number below. My wife and I would love to spend some time with you showing you the animals, what goes into their care and how to get started in this business. We are never too busy to spend time with someone who is interested in starting an alpaca business. There is not a gentler creature on God's earth or one that can take the day's drudgery out of you faster then alpacas. Barb and I would love to meet you some day and may God bless your day and keep you and yours healthy, prosperous and joyful.

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Berrydale Alpacas

15204 SE 300th St, Kent Wa.